Amalfi Coast apartment rentals

Maiori Dream Rental is the new naming that comes after the new corporate identity of the Casa Vacanze L'amore: a step forward meant to reinforce a strong leadership among the Amalfi Coast apartment rentals! 

Design to satisfy the needs of all who don't like the idea of choosing one of the standard Amalfi Coast hotel's accommodation, the Maiori Dream Rental offers the chance of renting a total of two apartments able to lodge up to 10 people in the stunning environment of the small village of Maiori, one of the most intriguing location in the whole Amalfi Coast. 

You will let your mind goes free while walking through the center of the village, its narrow streets and its benches overlooking the sea waiting for the stunning sunset offered by the beautiful evenings of Maiori. Take advantage of our Amalfi Coast apartments rentals for a stay with family or friends just 20 meters away from the famous beach of Maiori: book now at the Maiori Dream Rental. 

If you are looking for an Amalfi Coast apartments rentals don't miss the chance to choose the Maiori Dream Rental: you will have the quality of the best Amalfi Coast's hotel with the privacy and comfort of your own house.